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Pincity phone cards Calling cards phone cards Cellular phone cards tel3 phone cards Netguru phone cards Cheap calling cards VoIP phone cards Callplus phone cards Intele phone cards Razacomm phone cards Cheap phone cards Cheap long distance Valuecom phone cards Valucom phone cards Letsdial phone cards Cardinal phone cards About Red Phone Card Prepaid Dial Around Long Distance Red Phone Card Prepaid Service Red Phone Card prepaid telephone service provides maximum flexibility by allowing to call from mobile phones, home phones and even some business phones. You can have up to 20 telephone numbers registered on a single account and share the minutes. Both Domestic and International long distance rates are extremely low. Interstate and Intrastate rate is only 2.1 c/min to call with Local Access Numbers and 3.6 c/min to call using Toll Free Access. Intrastate rate is the same for all 48 states and it is the lowest you can ever get. The billing details are available on the web. All account maintenance like adding or removing your phone numbers from the account, adding funds, etc. is done online too. No term contract, meaning that you can stop adding funds and cancel at any time. Peanuts LD customers can now enjoy simpler dialing by utilizing our speed dial feature. Red Phone Card Prepaid dial-around long distance New! CALLBACK FEATURE gives you freedom to call from all over the world Red Phone Card prepaid service is working from 40 major cities in Russia. New Toll Free numbers in Russia . Red Phone Card Features: Prepaid long distance Service Combination of best domestic 2.1 c/min Intrastate and Interstate, as well as lowest international rates dial-around Prepaid long distance Service Easy dialing. No PINs to memorize - Skip PIN feature works with up to 20 numbers dial around long distance Service Works like a calling card when a PIN is dialed calling detail records Online access to your calling detail records speed-dial numbers 50 speed-dial numbers Toll Free Access Numbers Local Access Numbers and Toll Free Access Numbers Local Access Numbers No credit checks Call from your Mobile phone Call from Mobile phone, work phone or almost any phone No connections fees No connections fees No monthly fees No monthly fees call from international countries Works from many international countries call from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia Works from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, with local access there to all over the world. It costs only 9.9 c/min to call to USA Red Phone Card call from Brazil, France, UK, Poland, Mexico, Russia Works from Brazil, France, UK, Poland, Mexico, Russia with Toll Free number there. Red Phone Card Works from Canada Works from Canada. Same rate as from USA when using local access number No bills to pay Red Phone Card No bills to pay Customer Service Friendly and competent live Customer Service Automatic account recharge Automatic account recharge option Online access to account maintenance Online access to account maintenance like adding or removing phone numbers from the account, adding funds, etc. Accumulate points Accumulate points for purchases - get free minutes dial-around best rate FIND BEST RATE for dial-around long distance service Find Best Rate LD local access numbers FIND LOCAL ACCESS NUMBERS for Red Phone Card service view local access Order long distance ORDER Red Phone Card Service NOW Online order international rates VIEW International and Domestic RATES view LD rates about dial-around Red Phone Card about dial-around Red Phone Card Long Distance Post is dedicated to providing a selection of low-cost prepaid long distance phone services/programs. WQN phone cards Nobelcom phone cards Telecard phone cards Tracfone phone cards Worldphone phone cards Pennytalk phone cards Calling card phone cards speedypin phone cards Goldline phone cards Worldcom phone cards CICI phone cards Callback phone cards Net2phone phone cards Russia Reliablecom phone cards 9278 phone cards Get The Best Rate Phone Card Call Red Phone Card From the list below, you can find the cheapest calling rate using Red Phone Card. Unlike other phone cards where you are charged a connection as high as 80 cents per call, Our Red Phone Card prepaid phone cards has no connection fee and no hidden charges. You pay for your international and domestic long distance calls in advance at exceptionally low rates without any contract or monthly bills. India Business and residential users get significant savings over AT&T, MCI, Sprint PCS, WorldCom, IDT, Qwest and other long distance providers. Best rates Phone cards low rates cheap calling cards Telephone phone cards China India phone cards International phone cards Prepaid phone cards Reliable phone cards MCI phone cards Colombia Calls phone cards Long phone cards Calling phone cards Dialing phone cards ATT phone cards Dial phone cards Blackstone phone cards Romania Bigzoo phone cards Phone cards Phone cards IDT phone cards
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Afghanistan 15.0
Albania 7.7
Algeria 6.0
Andorra 2.6
Angola 11.7
Anguilla 10.9
Antarctica 20.0
Antigua 9.9
Argentina 1.2
Armenia 6.0
Aruba 8.3
Australia 0.9
Austria 1.6
Azerbaijan 8.2
Bahamas 4.0
Bahrain 7.9
Bangladesh 3.9
Barbados 10.0
Belarus 13.9
Belgium 0.9
Belize 11.0
Benin 6.9
Bermuda 5.5
Bhutan 12.0
Bolivia 4.5
Botswana 7.2
Brazil 2.8
Brunei 3.6
Bulgaria 2.3
Burkina Faso 10.5
Cambodia 11.9
Cameroon 10.0
Canada 0.9
Cape Verde 18.1
CAR 8.9
Cayman Isl. 8.5
Chad Rep. 13.5
Chile 0.9
China 0.9
Colombia 3.9
Colombia - Bogota 2.3
Comoros 22.7
Congo 8.2
Costa Rica 3.4
Croatia 3.4
Cuba 70.0
Cyprus 2.2
Czech Rep. 1.9
Denmark 0.9
Djibouti 23.4
Dominica 8.4
Dominican Rep. 4.5
East Timor 42.9
Ecuador 8.7
Ecuador - Quito 8.9
Egypt 12.5
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Poland - Warsaw0.9¢
Russia - Moscow1.2¢
Ukraine - Kiev7.9¢
India - Bombay1.3¢
Japan - Tokyo1.8¢
  North America
Mexico - MexicoCity0.4¢
  South America
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